As a contained in the act that established the College, the college is mandated to use modern information and communication technology and other educational tools to facilitate and drive its programmes where ever possible.

The ICT Department is responsible for the development and deployment of ICT service and infrastructure which supports the college’s teaching, learning and administrative activities.

The department is expected to support all other departments and tutorial staff with innovative products and services that will enhance their productivity and teaching/learning activities.

Currently, the ICT department is providing the following services of the college.

  • Electronic services in all classrooms: these include projectors and audio-visual services.
  • Internet services
  • Library management
  • Local area network and wide area network services
  • Academic and student record system
  • Website management software
  • Technical and repairs services
  • Video coverage and multimedia services


The IT Coordinator is responsible for the development deployment of services and infrastructure which support the colleges teaching and learning, research and administrative activities.

He is also responsible for planning and provision of information technology services at the college and facilitating the delivery of IT services across the college.


Our focus is to lead and support the use of ICT to enhance academic and research potential in the college. The ICT department has been at the forefront to discover new tools and products that will serve the college community and protect her Electronic Infrastructure.

This the directorate pursue aggressively through the involvement in planning and implementation of all ICT related activities of all the units in the college and collaborating with sister college to share ideas and create opportunities for the college.

Finally, to leverage the college ICT resources for efficient and efficacious use to the competitive advantage of the college.

The Directorate four main sites with ICT offices providing myriad services.

This is,

Permanent site; Hosting the main ICT data centre and applications such as students record management system, financial management system, LMS.

There is planned backbone connectivity to link all departments together. But currently, there is LAN (Local Area Network) connectivity at all departments.

All this network connectivity is linked to the internet.

1.Electronic Lab (Electronic lab)

2.Most of the classrooms are fitted with projectors and Electronic boards in the classrooms.

3.Servers, routers and other communication devices.


Deployed online Students Application, and students record management.

Deployed and implemented the financial management system to support the accounts department.

Network installation on all the campuses (LAN).

Pilot installation and development of E-learning and E-exam platform.

Successfully prepared students with the right technical knowledge to write online exams.