The school will follow the entry requirement set by the Nursing and Midwives council of Ghana. The school welcomes graduates from second cycle institutions- SSSCCE and WASSCE.
(i) For SSSCE Candidates
An aggregate score of twenty-seven (27 ) or better, comprising (A-E) in three (3) Core Subjects, i.e. ENGLISH,MATHEMATICS, and INTEGRATED SCIENCE and (A=E ) in any three ( 3 ) Elective subjects from any programme in Senior Secondary School.
(ii) For WASSCE Candidates
An aggregate score of fourty-two (42)or better, comprising(A1-E8) in three (3) Core Subjects, i.e. ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, and INTEGRATED SCIENCE and (A1-E8) in any three ( 3 ) Elective subjects from any programme Senior High School with any of the electives below;
Agric.econs. & ext. & env.stud, Animal husbandry, Applied electricity, Auto mechanics, Basketry, Biology, Building, Construction, Bus.maths & Cost bus.maths & Prn.cost Business Management, Ceramics, Chemistry, Christian Rel Studies, Clerical Office Duties, Clothing & Textiles, Crop Husb & Horticulture, Dagaare, Dagbani, Dangme, Economics, Electronics, Ewe, Fante, Farm Mechanisation, Financial Accounting, Fisheries, Foods & Nutrition Forestry, French, Ga, Gen know in Art, General Agric, Geography, Gonja, Government, Graphic Design, History, Horticulture, Islamic Rel Studies Jewellery, Kasem, leatherwork, Life skills, literature-in-english, Management in living, Mathematics(elect) metalwork, music, Nzema, physics picture making, Prin of cost Accounting, Sculpture, Technical Drawing, Textiles Twi(Akuapem) Twi(Asante) typewriting woodwork
Upon qualifying, nurses will have job opportunities working closely with health care teams in a variety of community clinics, private homes, homes for the elderly, rehabilitative, medical, surgical and obstetric units.

According to the Ghana Nurses and Midwives Council, students completing the program successfully must register with the Council and take a qualifying examination. Programs are offered in English and are delivered using a variety of instruction modes. Courses may be offered in the classroom, lab and online.
Upon successful registration, each student is provided with various documentation, including ID cards, an e-mail account which is used to
communicate important information about programme and course events.
The syllabus/course content for the following program is approved by the Nurses and Midwives Council of Ghana